Kenneth Wayne
aka "K Waye"

-Performing Artist
-Event Singer

A Louisiana music artist who grew up in Lake Charles, near East Texas. K Waye performed singing as a child, but didn’t take music seriously until he was in his late teen years.

He explains,

“I started noticing many people gave me genuinely excited reactions and encouragement to do something with my talent, which made me want to push myself as hard as I could and strive for excellence. Anyone can reach their dreams, it just takes consistency and hard work and I was willing to commit to it.” 

 Inspired by visions of changing his life for the better he quotes

"The rhymes and life stories I express are from the heart. I always keep GOD first and focus on living and doing better as the leader for my family. I have a ZERO tolerance for negativity, and believe with a positive heart and mind 'YOU' can be anything in life 'YOU' want to be. Turning dreams into reality and being an inspiration to all is my only goal." 

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